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Multinational Enterprises

The ever tightening net of globalization and increased pace of significant changes in business environment and regulation requires you as a multinational to keep up with the legal landscape in highly complex cross-border constellations. From setting-up a new businesses in other jurisdictions, to large M&A transactions, post-restructuring implementation, integration of new business models to legal and tax advice on day-to-day operations: our dedicated team of attorneys and experts for all things legal and tax can help you navigating the complexity of today's world – with an eye for the challenges you face tomorrow.

Article - 15 January 2018

Transparency requirements under the GDPR and DPA

GDPR and DPA will have a high impact on the Swiss and EU data protection landscape. What are the transparency requirements under the GDPR and DPA?
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News - 11 December 2017

MiFID II/MiFIR: Impact on Swiss financial institutions as of 3 January 2018

As a financial institution in Switzerland, you might be affected by MiFID II/MiFIR and will have to adapt accordingly. Read how to prepare.
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Article - 07 September 2017

Public discussion draft on Swiss Tax Proposal 17 released

The released public discussion draft on Tax Proposal 17 (TP 17) confirms the step-up possibilities but does not include a notional interest deduction.
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Article - 27 June 2017

MLI Matching Overview

What are the choices made by the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland on the multilateral instrument (MLI) signing? Check our overview.
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Signing of MLI (multilateral instrument): BEPS measures speedily introduced

Signing of MLI (multilateral instrument): BEPS measures speedily introduced

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Integrated approach

Operating in different countries exposes your business to complex tax issues and cross-border legal questions. Investing in a tax efficient manner and solving key legal aspects of cross-border operations is essential to build a strong basis for a successful business. Adopting a country-per-country perspective can be a significant liability in today's internationalized environment and is a thing of the past. We support clients not only in domestic markets but guide them with tailor-made multi-jurisdictional teams through complex transactions across national borders. Our integrated approach guarantees that we pave the way in all jurisdictions you work or invest in – so you can focus on your business.

Multidisciplinary international team

Our multidisciplinary teams consist of experts who can assist you with all aspects of your business providing advice on regulatory and corporate issues, while taking into account the tax implications – at the same time, in multiple jurisdictions. Our Swiss team forms part of our firm wide international practice groups combining knowledge and experience in all our home markets (Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Switzerland). Integrated advice means that we guide you through all Swiss tax, legal and regulatory challenges while also ensuring that international aspects such as compliance with EU regulation and developments is properly reflected.

How can we help

Our expertise lies in Swiss legal and tax challenges for multinationals tackling complex questions and transactions such as private and public M&A, financing transactions, financial markets regulation in both Switzerland and the EU, tax efficient supply chain structuring and transfer pricing. As a truly international law firm we have vast cross-border know-how at our disposal and also revert to LegalTech such as AI and automated analysis in order to ensure maximum efficiency.