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Who we work for

We find solutions that will benefit you to the utmost. Our firm primarily services multinational enterprises, commodity traders, investment managers, private equity firms and family-owned businesses.

Multinational Enterprises

As a multinational it is difficult to stay on top of the ever changing net of legal requirements. Because you are active in several countries you will need to deal with different tax regimes and the interaction of these tax regimes. Our legal and tax experts can help you navigate this world and provide you with practical and optimal solutions from a legal as well as tax perspective.

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Investment Management

While investors demand continuous superior performance, the number of changes in investment management are unprecedented. Loyens & Loeff is your investment management partner in tackling cross-border legal, tax and regulatory challenges. We can help you to make the transition from term sheet to end result seamless.

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High-net-worth Individuals

Are you running a family-owned business, or are you an entrepreneur, or high-net-worth individual? We will be happy to offer you personal, tailored advice, anticipating social dynamics and providing assistance in making the right decisions.

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As a fintech company, you are uncovering new ground, developing a new and innovative product in a heavily regulated sector. We can assist you to navigate the rules, regulations and best practice and provide you with pragmatic advice helping you to advance your project.

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Private Equity

Now that investable opportunities are once again on the rise you as a private equity company looking to invest in new opportunities within Europe as well as abroad. But with stricter regulations in place and a playing field where both clients and deals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, practical, cost-effective and on-time legal solutions are essential to achieving investment objectives. These deals call for a skills set that combines private equity market experience with in-depth legal, tax and transactional know how.

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Fiancial Service Providers

As a financial service provider you need to keep up with the ever-changing regulatory framework. You are looking to provide your services without boundaries whilst remaining within the limits of the legal landscape. With our multidisciplinary international team, we can help you face these challenges.

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