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Banking & Finance

Financial markets will continue to challenge us in the years ahead due to the constantly evolving economic, political and regulatory environment. It is our job to stay ahead of these changes on your behalf, allowing you to stay focused on your core business.

The challenges of BEPS for treasury: are you prepared?
Article - 16 May 2017

7 challenges for Commodity Traders

We list the 7 most important challenges of international tax developments for Commodity Traders.
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Family business owners: the impact of EU wide reporting obligations
Article - 16 May 2017

The impact of EU wide reporting obligations

You will have noticed that the amount of financial data required to be shared nowadays is increasing. This is what you need to know.
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Everything your family business needs to know about the UBO register
Article - 16 May 2017

Everything your family business needs to know about the UBO register

Switzerland has no intention to create a UBO register. However, companies in Switzerland are subject to compliance obligations. Read what we can do.
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The ABC of Luxembourg’s main alternative investment fund regimes
Article - 16 May 2017

The ABC of Luxembourg’s main alternative investment fund regimes

As premier international hub for funds, Luxembourg has a comprehensive offering of solutions for fund vehicles and regimes in the field of alternative investment...
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Revision of the Swiss Capital Adequacy Ordinance – Lighter regime for small, solid institutions

Integrated approach

Our banking and financing practice in Switzerland focusses on banks, securities dealers, (re)insurers, trading venues, pension funds, asset managers, FinTech companies and other financial services providers on all regulatory and legal aspects of their business operations, organization and products. To provide our clients with the best possible solutions requires an integrated approach.

Multidisciplinary international team

Our multidisciplinary teams consist of experts who can assist our clients with all aspects of their business providing advice on regulatory and corporate issues, while taking into account the tax implications of such measures. Our Swiss team forms part of our firm wide international practice groups combining knowledge and experience in all our home markets. Therefore, we can also assist you with integrated advice on EU legislation, providing you with more than just a Swiss perspective.

How can we help

We can assist you with any type of regulatory matters in financial services law, such as support regarding licencing and compliance (including FINFRAG / FIDLEG / FINIG, AML and cross-border business), as well as financing matters.