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How do you structure your business when legislation is ever-changing, nationally and internationally? How do you uphold an unblemished reputation and simultaneously maintain a highly efficient tax structure? Our experts will help you create the best solutions.

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Overview: MLI choices made by the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland

What are the choices made by the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland on the multilateral instrument (MLI) signing? Check our overview.

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Update Swiss Tax Proposal 17 (TP 17): the major changes

Swiss government confirmed the main parameters of a revised Swiss corporate tax reform package, the Tax Proposal 17 (TP 17). Read the major changes.

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Signing of MLI: BEPS measures speedily introduced

The MLI (multilateral instrument) modifies many existing bilateral tax treaties by speedily including anti-tax avoidance measures. The Benelux and Switzerland signed the MLI.

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ESMA planning to exclude letterbox entities from single market

ESMA, the European Securities & Markets Authority, issued an opinion with 9 principles for remaining EU member states (EU27). Read the implications.

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Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS)

Everything you need to know about Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS)

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Combining tax, legal & regulatory expertise

We take a broad view and look beyond the specifics of your particular request for advice. When necessary we can involve our corporate and Banking & Finance teams to get the best result.

Designing transparent & efficient tax structures

Our team is specialised in designing tax structures that are transparent, efficient and in line with national and international legislation and standards. This is crucial for current-day high performance multinational business.

Understanding international relations

We understand how tax regimes of various countries interrelate and tap into our broad international expertise and network to get the best result for you.

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