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Corporate / M&A

Closing the deal in a merger or acquisition: to reach that point successfully, the legal structure needs to be impeccable. Only then will an integration or take-over of companies have long-lasting effect. Our team will help you succeed.

Article - 07 December 2017

Consent under the GDPR and the DPA

The Swiss and EU data protection landscape is going to change fundamentally. What are the requirements relating to the consent of a data subject?
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Article - 14 November 2017

Will the EU and Swiss data protection rules affect your business?

The Swiss and EU data protection landscape is going to change fundamentally. Read all about the new data protection rules regarding Switzerland.
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Article - 06 July 2017

This is what you need to know when you want to relocate to Switzerland

Read all you need to know about tax, permit, social security, insurance and housing when you want to relocate your family or business to Switzerland.
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Article - 16 May 2017

Consequences of Swiss Corporate Law Reform

The Swiss corporate law reform pursuits to modernize the corporate governance by strengthening the shareholder rights and promoting gender equality.
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Acquisition of Selecta Group

Loyens & Loeff advised KKR on the acquisition of Selecta Group from Allianz Capital Partners

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Thinking ahead

Interpreting and applying the specifics of your business in mergers and acquisitions is crucial to make you stay ahead of the game. Our team is highly specialised in doing so, focusing on designated business sectors such as real estate, energy and private equity.

Bringing together tax, legal & regulatory experts

In any given deal our corporate team involves experts from other areas such as tax, capital markets, litigation, banking, IP, employment and environmental law. This provides you with the best solution.

Combining global insights with local expertise

As for international transactions, we work closely with leading independent firms throughout the world. Regardless of your location you can rely on our specialists in Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Switzerland.