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Closing the deal in a merger or acquisition: to reach that point successfully, the legal structure needs to be impeccable. Only then will an integration or take-over of companies have long-lasting effect. Our team will help you succeed.

Regulatory relaxations for Fintech companies in Switzerland

In November 2016, the Swiss Federal Council published its Fintech strategy. The main focus was on promoting innovative forms of financial services in order to strengthen the Swiss financial centre.

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Three questions to self-assess your exposure to an EU State aid claim

Do you have business activities in an EU Member State? Are you a well-established market actor? Is your brand successful and well-known? Risk management requires reviewing whether your group is at risk of having benefited from unlawful State Aid. 

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The impact of Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III on your company

The abolishing of preferential tax regimes and the implementation of the expected Corporate Tax Reform III will challenge many Swiss operations of multinational enterprises. Holdings should not be affected on a large scale.

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MiFID II/MiFIR: The extra- territorial scope of the new EU share trading

The new Market in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR) will introduce a share trading Obligation. This requires EU investment firms to trade shares on an EU trading venue, with an EU systemic internaliser or an equivalent third country exchange only.

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How to set up a Luxembourg fund

The ABC of Luxembourg’s main alternative investment fund regimes

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Thinking ahead

Interpreting and applying the specifics of your business in mergers and acquisitions is crucial to make you stay ahead of the game. Our team is highly specialised in doing so, focusing on designated business sectors such as real estate, energy and private equity.

Bringing together tax, legal & regulatory experts

In any given deal our corporate team involves experts from other areas such as tax, capital markets, litigation, banking, IP, employment and environmental law. This provides you with the best solution.

Combining global insights with local expertise

As for international transactions, we work closely with leading independent firms throughout the world. Regardless of your location you can rely on our specialists in Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

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