Financial Services

In an ever-changing regulatory framework, banks, security dealers, (re)insurers, pension funds, asset managers or other financial services providers are looking to provide their services without boundaries whilst remaining within the limits of the legal landscape. With our multidisciplinary international team, we can help you face these challenges.

News - 20 December 2017

The new PRIIPS regulation, and what it means for you

This is what the PRIIPs Regulation will mean to you as an investment manager in Switzerland.
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News - 18 December 2017

FINMA circular 'Public deposits with non-banks': what it means for FinTech

FINMA issued a revised circular ‘Public deposits with non-banks’. Read what the relaxations mean for FinTech in Switzerland.
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News - 11 December 2017

MiFID II/MiFIR: Impact on Swiss financial institutions as of 3 January 2018

As a financial institution in Switzerland, you might be affected by MiFID II/MiFIR and will have to adapt accordingly. Read how to prepare.
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Article - 08 December 2017

FINMA Circular 2018/3 for Swiss banks and insurers

What means the new FINMA Circular 2018/3 for Swiss banks and insurers? Read all about the key issues and the transitioning to the new regulations.
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Why investment advisers in Switzerland should review their business model

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Integrated approach

Operating your business in the complex regulatory landscape confronts you with different challenges: “Do I need a license to perform my services?”, “Can I distribute my products from EU countries into Switzerland or from Switzerland to an EU country?“ and “Which services can I outsource?”. Such questions require an integrated approach, combining legal and tax advice.

Multidisciplinary international team

Our multidisciplinary team consist of experts who can assist you with all aspects of your business, from obtaining the required license to reviewing your tax structure and structuring and drafting contractual documentation. Our Swiss team forms part of our firm wide international practice groups combining knowledge and experience in all our home markets. Therefore, we can also assist you with advice on EU legislation, providing you with more than just a Swiss perspective.

How can we help

Our experienced team can assist with obtaining regulatory approvals and licenses, complying with the regulatory requirements (including AML), adapting to upcoming regulatory changes in Switzerland and the EU (e.g. FINFRAG/FIDLEG/FINIG, MiFID II/MiFIR), as well as with the set-up of your in- or outbound cross-border business in financial services.