18 May 2017 / event

The UBO register seminar in Brussels - 13 June 2017

This seminar for intermediaries will focus on the introduction of a UBO-register in Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg pursuant to the 4th EU Anti Money Laundering Directive.

The seminar will address the challenges that private clients in these jurisdictions will be faced with, but shall also cover options (including Switzerland) that clients still have to protect their privacy. The seminars given in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg will have the same content, albeit that in each jurisdiction the major case study will be tailored. The seminar in Brussels will be given in English.

13 June 2017 15:00-20:00 hrs

Loyens & Loeff, Neerveldstraat 101/-103, 1200 Brussels

Please send an e-mail to: events@loyensloeff.com.