03 March 2018 / event

GDPR and DPA Masterclass 1 – 3 March 2018

Are the implications of the GDPR and DPA on your business puzzling you? In a series of three masterclasses we will help you to get started with becoming GDPR compliant. In the last of our series we will introduce you to the basic principles of cross border data transfer, confidentiality and security.

Cross border data transfer, confidentiality and security

In the this third and final session of the series we will discuss the requirements for cross border data transfer and zoom in on adequate and non-adequate third counties and how to deal with this. We will go into how to ensure sufficient confidentiality is maintained within your organization. We will also treat the security measures that the GDPR and DPA expect you to take and how to act in case of a data breach.

We will illustrate these technical concepts with practical examples to ensure you get a firm grip of what this means for your business.

The number of participants will be limited in order to make it an interactive session promoting sharing of experiences and a lively discussion.

Key take away:

  • How to identify third parties that receive personal data and analyse the relevant contractual arrangements.
  • Which (organizational/technical) security measures to implement & how to draft a data security / data breach policy.


Register for the three sessions via the button below. 

To ensure interactive and practice-oriented sessions, we only accept a limited number of participants. Register at your earliest convenience to secure your spot.