Real Estate

To match the requirements of your business where tax and legal aspects are intertwined and market knowledge is key, our Benelux team pools our renowned tax expertise, legal know-how and wide experience in real estate to deliver top quality and business-oriented integrated services.

Article - 30 October 2017

Belgian tax reform: what do I need to know as a real estate investor?

The Belgian tax reform impacts the tax rules on property. This is what you need to know as a real estate investor.
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Article - 16 November 2015

Operating permits for shopping centres and retail stores: status in the 3 Regions

We highlight the main modifications and differences compared to the Ikea law and between these new legislative regimes.
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Integrated approach

Making well informed, strategic decisions on your real estate portfolio asks for an understanding of a wide range of complex challenges. Questions arise such as ‘How do you structure your investment vehicle and your acquisition when legislation is ever-changing, nationally and internationally?’ or ‘What is the best way to handle the day-to-day oversight of your real estate assets?’

Multidisciplinary team

Combining global expertise with local knowledge is our commitment to our clients. We bring together our legal and tax expertise and take into account the requirements of local and international actors, always with a specific attention to differences in the three Belgian regions and in Luxembourg. 

How can we help you?

Our Benelux team responds to your needs by offering you the full scope of services in the following fields of the real estate business:

  • Real Estate Taxation
  • Real Estate Investment Management
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Management
  • Real Estate Development