Family Owned Business and Private Wealth

Managing assets and wealth effectively often means having to address a plethora of challenges. Whatever the nature of those challenges, our advisers are there for you, offering the steady, guiding hand you need in a sometimes turbulent world.

Article - 30 October 2017

How to obtain a reclassification of land use or destination

How can I obtain a reclassification of land in Belgium (to increase its value) and what can be the consequences?
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Article - 17 August 2017

New bill on Flemish inheritance tax prohibits the deduction of debt to the surviving spouse

In this article, you read an explanation of the new bill in Flemish inheritance tax that makes deduction of debt to the surviving spouse impossible.
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Article - 28 July 2017

High net worth individuals and family owned businesses affected by Belgian Tax Reform

Here are some measures of the announced decrease of the corporate income tax to 25%, likely with effect as from 1 January 2018.
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Article - 12 July 2017

Directors soon required to report UBO information to the Ministry of Finance

Companies and other legal entities incorporated in Belgium will have to collect and hold information on their Ultimate Beneficial Owners (“UBO’s”).
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Everything your family business needs to know about the UBO register

Introduction UBO register in Belgium

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Integrated approach

You or your client might be faced with a large range of questions, such as “How can I establish a sustainable tax and legal structure, both commercially and privately?” Or: “What is the best way to hand over my (family) business and still guarantee the company’s continuity?”. These are questions that cannot be answered with rational arguments alone: the evolving tax climate and family interactions play an important role in matters like these and they need to be well considered.

Multidisciplinary team

Our multidisciplinary team of trusted advisors provides personal and bespoke solutions. We always aim to establish long-term, sustainable client relations based on mutual trust. Our firm focuses on forward-thinking solutions, anticipating social dynamics and providing assistance in making the right (strategic) decisions, while considering the complex tax environment. This also applies to our services for family offices, private bankers, (family) foundations and (family) trusts.

How can we help you?

We can assist you with:

  • Tax and legal structuring of your business
  • Advice on management and supervision of your family business and assets
  • Protection of your assets, your wealth and your privacy
  • Tax and legal advice on your succession planning, notably in an international context
  • Counselling and guidance on your family governance
  • Tax and legal advice regarding your emigration and/or remigration
  • Optimal structuring of your assets, e.g. business and investment properties
  • Establishing (family) foundations and charitable organisations