Who we work for

Your interests are at all times our top focus. We find solutions that will benefit you to the utmost. Our firm primarily services multinational enterprises, commodity traders, investment managers, private equity firms and family-owned businesses.

Our clients


Keeping your eyes on the road to success in the highly regulated automotive industry while handling all legal and tax compliance issues is challenging and not without risk. Our dedicated automotive team assists you with those issues so you can drive your business to new technological developments and to the envisaged success.

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As an energy company you will be faced with complex legal and tax regulations, at EU, national and regional level. Our team of dedicated advisers helps you to develop your project in compliance with these often highly technical and ever-changing regulations.

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Financial services

There is no doubt that financial markets will continue to challenge us all in the years ahead, presenting constantly evolving economic, political and regulatory conditions. It is our job to stay abreast of these changes on your behalf, which in turn allows you to stay focused on your business goals.

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Food & Beverages

As a food business operator you face complex food regulations in your country and in cross-border context. Our dedicated team of experts guides you through all food-related regulatory, legal and tax issues so you can benefit from a genuine partner able to put any compliance issue in its more general context.

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Healthcare & Life Science

Family Owned Business and Private Wealth

Managing assets and wealth effectively often means having to address a plethora of challenges. Whatever the nature of those challenges, our advisers are there for you, offering the steady, guiding hand you need in a sometimes turbulent world.

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Real Estate

To match the requirements of your business where tax and legal aspects are intertwined and market knowledge is key, our Benelux team pools our renowned tax expertise, legal know-how and wide experience in real estate to deliver top quality and business-oriented integrated services.

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