Tax Controversy and Litigation

The Belgian Tax Authorities, like many tax authorities around the world, have become better organized and informed, more aggressive and increasingly results-oriented in their approach to tax disputes. The current unstable climate has created a highly challenging tax environment.

Enterprises and high net worth individuals find themselves increasingly subject to challenge on Belgian tax matters resulting in a considerable rise in the numbers of audits, adjustments and disputes. Our Controversy and Litigation Team is well positioned to help businesses and high net worth individuals exposed to tax controversies.

Advantageous settlements are often achieved when the merits of a case are thoroughly assessed by an independent specialist and tax authorities know that, should the need arise, the taxpayer’s lawyer is willing and able to litigate the case. More often than not, the vast majority of controversial matters are settled before litigation even becomes necessary.

Our controversy and litigation team

Our goal is to provide you with unmatched and customized support across all direct tax, indirect tax and tax-related controversies and disputes with the tax authorities. Our overall approach to tax litigation is based on strategic objectives – understanding how tax authorities approach litigation matters to develop a winning case and recognizing settlement opportunities if and when they arise.

Our services

Our focus is on assisting taxpayers faced with challenges from the Belgian Tax Authorities. We help and represent you with each phase of any tax audit or court case. Handling all dealings with the tax authorities includes:

  • Managing tax audits and investigations
  • Conduct of settlement negotiations with the Belgian Tax Authorities
  • Filing appeals to Belgian Tax Authorities’ assessment notices
  • Representing the clients in hearings before the Tax Courts, Courts of Appeal, Supreme Courts and the European Court of Justice

We also counsel taxpayers at all stages, before and after tax matter becomes litigious. This comprises:

  • Pre-litigation tactics and strategies
  • Advice and review of tax compliance, risk analysis and (international) tax planning
  • Development of tax risk management policies, processes and procedures
  • Advice and assistance with Alternative Dispute Resolution processes (advance pricing agreements, rulings, mediation procedures and arbitration procedures)

Our experience with federal and local tax controversies encompasses both substantive issues and procedural matters.