Tax Compliance

Today, tax compliance is more than simply submitting a correct tax return on time. In recent years much emphasis has been placed on transparency by the OECD and the EU in order to tackle ‘aggressive’ tax planning.

In order to boost transparency, several measures have recently been implemented or will be implemented in the near future. Examples are the introduction of the country-by-country reporting, the introduction of the UBO-register, the common reporting standards and the automatic exchange of rulings. Some of these measures will imply a greater degree of disclosure by companies and therefore an increase in the tax reporting obligations.

As a result of these measures, companies may also face a higher level of scrutiny from the tax authorities in the future. It is therefore essential that your organisation is aware of its tax risks and has a system in place to manage these tax risks properly. Only then you will have a grip on the tax function and your management will be entirely in control of tax matters.

Collaboration, independence, customisation & accuracy

Working with us means working with an independent partner that is not in any way affiliated with an audit firm. You decide which activities you manage in your tax compliance process and which activities you want to outsource.

We are accurate and scrupulous - we check and verify. We report extensively on everything we undertake and record every consideration, decision and advice in writing to ensure that your file is complete. This is essential, particularly in matters concerning tax compliance.

Our tax compliance services

We can arrange all your organisation’s compliance processes. These include preparing and submitting your tax returns (for example income tax and withholding tax)complying with transfer pricing documentation obligations and other reporting formalities, determining the tax position in commercial financial statements, setting up a tax control framework, auditing your company and training the business people, .

Do you need temporary in-house compliance support?

We offer several options. For example, we can assist with the implementation of the tax function or offer additional resources if your tax department is temporarily overloaded.