Indirect Tax

In all industries, indirect taxes levied on goods and services play an increasingly important role. Whether your line of business is international trade, financial services, investment management, real estate or whether you operate in another sector, indirect taxation affects your business. We help you to be in control.

Being in control and managing your indirect tax position is key to the success of your business. You need to be informed on legislation and regulatory changes and in a position to handle audits and disputes, while being compliant at all times.

Our indirect tax team’s specialisations

International trade

VAT, customs & excise duties, but also an increasing area of regulatory rules such as export controls and economic sanctions, will affect your international transactions in goods and services. Our international trade advisors not only lessen the burden of legislation and regulatory matters, but help you to explore opportunities to enhance your business. We work in close collaboration with our international tax experts and civil lawyers to provide you with tailor-made solutions that suit your business.

Real estate

Real estate is not just about selling, buying or exploiting property. Our specialised advisors have extensive experience in all aspects of property development, transformations, financing, investing and divesting. They manage all indirect taxes including value-added tax (VAT), registration duties, and municipality taxes. Together with our civil lawyers specialised in real estate and banking and finance, we ensure efficient solutions.

Financial institutions & non-profit

Most of the supplies made by ‘financial institutions’ (banks, insurance companies, investment funds) are traditionally exempt from VAT and the same is often true for operators in the non-profit sector (hospitals, educational services, unions and alike). Exemption means that no VAT will be charged on the provision of such exempt supplies and VAT incurred in relation to making these supplies cannot be reclaimed. Our specialised indirect tax advisors have extensive experience in ensuring efficient solutions (including VAT grouping and cost sharing schemes) to help these operators reducing and overcoming the financial burden of unrecoverable VAT.

Dispute handling

Audits and disputes can be time and cost consuming and distract you from running your business. Our indirect tax team, in cooperation with colleagues from other departments, has the experience and knowledge to handle inquiries and disputes in the most adequate way.

We have a solid track record in this area. We represent taxpayers in a broad range of tax matters at all levels of national courts and, in EU-related matters, EU courts, including the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Planning and strategy

Due to the constantly changing landscape and increasing importance of indirect tax, monitoring this topic is essential. Our indirect tax team can ensure that you are in control. We have tools such as scans, sample methods and benchmark inquiries for various situations to ensure this.


The compliance team in our indirect tax group has extensive experience to ensure that you remain fully compliant. We assist both domestic as non-established companies in fulfilling their Belgian VAT, customs, excise and regulatory obligations (including licensing and notification procedures) for their operations in or from Belgium.