Employment & Benefits

Our employment practice focuses on the following services: individual employment law, collective employment law, day-to-day HR issues, compensation & benefits and pensions. We experience, on a daily basis, the mutual benefits of developing a close working relationship with our clients and acquiring a profound awareness of their activities and requirements.

Article - 30 October 2017

Changes in employment & benefits: downsizing and working differently

Downsizing requires strategic thinking ahead, rolling out multi-layered communications and dealing intelligently with the needs of employees.
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Article - 02 October 2017

Belgium introduces whistleblowing scheme for financial institutions

With the act of 31 July, Belgium has introduced the first whistleblowing scheme in the private sector (execution of Market Abuse Regulation 2014).
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News - 07 September 2017

Monitoring of e-mail and internet: ECHR urges for caution

The Grand Chamber of European Court of Human Rights has announced a judgment in the Bãrbulescu case.
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Article - 14 April 2017

Informal tax practice regarding stock options and personal service companies now prohibited

There's no discussion anymore about reduced valuation of stock options to persons who use a personal service company to deliver services.
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Integrated approach

We often see challenges for our clients that are employment related. These issues may arise in your day to day HR matters, compensation & benefits and pensions. We want to respond to your needs in those areas.

Working Together

Our distinctive features clearly speak from our ‘Working Together’ approach and come down to:

  • Putting the client in the central spot
  • Providing a pragmatic and innovative solution
  • Proving a combined tax and legal expertise
  • Benelux & Switzerland focus; pooling employment experts from Loyens & Loeff in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland into an integrated team

How can we help you?

In our ‘Working Together’ approach, we assist you with the following services:

  • Alternative remuneration schemes for categories of employment
  • Restructuring (collective dismissal and closure of companies)
  • Top executives’ contracts and compensation packages
  • Employment aspects of privacy & data protection