Financial Regulatory

Ongoing financial regulatory reform has a significant impact on how financial institutions conduct business and how financial markets operate. We help you to get the most out of these changes.

While regulatory reforms can present challenges due to their often complex nature, they can ultimately lead to risk reduction, more stability and even new cross-border business opportunities by introducing third country and passporting regimes.

Our financial regulatory team

We have a long-standing practice with extensive experience in assisting and advising players in the financial sector on all areas of their business affected by financial supervision and changing regulations. Clients include banks, investment firms, payment institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, fund managers and other financial service providers.

Our financial regulatory services:

  • Advise on the impact of current and future legislation on, for example,┬ámarket access, development of products, services and business operations;
  • Assist with preparation and filing of license applications, and notifications and registrations with financial regulatory supervisors;
  • Advise on and structure the regulatory aspects of acquisitions and other transactions in the financial sector;
  • Assist in respect of investigations by supervisory bodies;
  • Draft and review internal documentation and client documentation.