We are an international law and tax firm with cross-border expertise in a wide range of sectors. Our specialists in Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Switzerland are recognised for their in-depth knowledge and unique approach, integrating tax, civil law and notarial expertise.

Our unique approach: combining tax, civil law & notarial expertise

Tax and law are heavily intertwined. That is why we integrate these fields of expertise as much as needed. It results into high-end, extremely efficient solutions for our clients.

International focus

With four home markets – Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Switzerland – and a network of offices in key financial centres around the world, we have a strong international focus. It leads to innovative solutions for domestic and international clients.

Cross-border expertise

Our international focus results into cross-border expertise. We advise our clients how to structure funds, investments and management in order to create tax and legal efficiencies that helps their business ahead.

In-depth knowledge of business sectors

Our teams have long-lasting and in-depth knowledge of a variety of business sectors. By combining this knowledge with our international focus and tax & legal expertise, we provide our clients the best advice on a global level.

Loyens & Loeff Belgium

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